"We Are Children Still" lyrics - BOB LIND

"We Are Children Still"

I had a song
I used to sing it all the time
I had a dream
It used to decorate my mind
I had a girl
But she was not the loving kind
And you know how that goes

Well I was lost
And just a little bit insane
I turned around
And she was waiting in the rain
And like the moon
I moved in circles all around her till the skyline froze
And now my song
Has been surrendered to the wind
And now my dream
Is far behind the times I'm in
I feel my life
Begin to rust around the rim
And start to change my mind

Are you surprised
That I am telling this to you?
Are you surprised?
You know it isn't even new
And by your eyes
I see that you have lived here too
Somewhere along the line

Although you're young
Your love is ages and ages old
And though you're shy
You have a brave and courageous soul
And thought you're mild
You carry rivers that rage and roll
And I have seas to fill

There is a song
And you can hear it in the changing tide
There is a dream
If you just give it a road to ride
And though we're jaded
We have the innocence of shattered pride
And we are children still
And we are children still...