"She Can Get Along" lyrics - BOB LIND

"She Can Get Along"

Upon her tapestries and curtains
I read her future and her past
And does she see that I'm uncertain
As I sip the final glass
And wait to be invited to remain
But it's insane, she never sees me when I'm strong
She can get along
She can get along
She can get along
She can get along

There will be those who say she's crazy
Her feet are seldom on the ground
She may be lost but she's a lady
And so she finds herself surrounded and confused
By all the songs and serenades
Of all the kings and cavaliers who mean to make her strong
She can get along though
She can get along...

Sad goodbyes and summer dresses
She wears them silently and still
What she doesn't know she gueses
What she doesn't keep she spills
Across you life and lets you keep it when you go
And kind of winks to let you know
She's on her own
She can get along...

If you're gonna be around the girl you better know about her
I can tell you she can get along and don't you ever doubt her
Maybe she'll be lookin' like a lady needs a lover
But you know she's just a loner workin' easy under cover all alone
Yeah, yeah, wo I know she can get along all right
Deep down I know she can make it by I know...