"I Love To Sing / Sweet Harriet" lyrics - BOB LIND

"I Love To Sing / Sweet Harriet"

[I Love To Sing]

I love to sing
I love to sing
And I sometimes wonder
Why not let go?

Why not let go
In the early morning
And in the evening
Why not let go?

That's right I'm crazy
That's right I'm crazy
That's right I'm crazy
But it's all right,

Because I love you
That's right I love you
You know I love you
Why not let go?

[Sweet Harriet]

Swing low, sweet Harriet
You can ride my chariot,
If I set your spirit free
Would you condescend to me?

I have been here for an hour or more
Reading the note that you left on your door
That tells you'll return when the spring is in bloom
But who pays the rent on your room?

Over the ghettos and theatres and walls
Your cast-iron temperament rises and falls
As the lovesick and woebegone runner below
Writes you a prayer in the snow.

Oh, so sadly I wait
In the rain-gutted Chelsea and Notting Hill Gate
But all that I feel is deflected into
Some unnoticed corner of you.

Going home now
Yeah yeah yeah
De de de de...