"Dead Or Alive" lyrics - PRETTY MAIDS

"Dead Or Alive"
(Ronnie Atkins / Ken Hammer)

They shout in the streets of
A young revolution in bloom
Uprising among the Chinese
For justice and freedom of speach

Stand up in line
Speak out your mind
Fight for your right to believe
Leave your misery
Die with dignity
Cry for justice when you long for it
Want it

Dead or alive
Gonna hold your fire high
Stand up for your reasons
Dead or alive
Its a game of do or die
In your fight for freedom

Oppress you with muscle and might
They fear the rebellion in sight
With evil tyrannic regimes
They rule but they can't kill your

Scream it out loud
They're deaf to the crowd
Ignore your demands to be free
Free and break your bonds
Never bow to no one
Cry for justice within you long for it
Want it


All for the 'cause is warth the price
Another human sacrifice
Another spill of blood on the bricks
Beyond their minds as cold as ice
Beyond their little white washed lies
Love don't exist