"Fly Me Out" lyrics - PRETTY MAIDS

"Fly Me Out"
(Ronnie Atkins / Ken Hammer)

On through history we've come
All the way
Through wars and destruction
Represent the image of decay
Betrayed and corruption

I don't wanna be a part of this
No more
Fly me out

Don't believe in kings or
In legends and heroes
Humans caused the death of
We fall back to zero

I stare into the blind world
And sigh

Fly me out
To find a new tomorrow
Fly with me
Get on your wings and follow
Shout at the sky and pray to
The gods

Sweet mother earth you look hysterical
Condition critical
We need the magic of a miracle
It is a hostile
Age we're living in
Ungodly sin

I can feel the pain that lies behind
Your eyes


Kneel down all you heathens
Disbelievers and await his return
Pray for his forgiveness
For we live and never learn