"Freakshow" lyrics - PRETTY MAIDS

(Ronnie Atkins / Ken Hammer)

It's killing me
Distinctively they're calling the
They force me down
We're dragged around
All numbers and names

Leave us in confusion
Like pigs on the run
Chasin' an illusion
We're daughters and sons
Who long to be needed
We need to be loved

We wanna live
It's a freakshow out here
We wanna live
It's a freakshow out here

They're tramps and thievers
Unfaithfully they're feeding
The flames
Beyond their lies
Majestic smiles
Beneath the remains

Solitary youth
All sisters and bothers
Hurt by the truth
Have faith in each other
We won't be divided
We'll all stand united


Look at your leaders
Sow bad blood between us
They promise you heaven
And send you to hell
Under the surface
They're all crooks
And muderers
And all of their
Might I despise
I can't believen
My eyes