"Don't Cry" lyrics - BOY GEORGE

"Don't Cry"

You say that you're misunderstood
But you like it that way
Then you say you're lonely
Well that's the price you pay
And I don't think I love you
That's the cruelest game we play
But I love you that way
You're a perfect lover
Why don't you stay?
You're a perfect lover
Ain't always that way
You feel a little twisted
You feel a little pain
You feel a little hateful
Don't worry you'll feel that way again
Cry, don't
Cry, don't cry for me
You say that you're not beautiful
But you are in my eyes
You say my love's too heavy
Well that comes as no surprise
It's already over
There's nothing to say
It's already over
But you need love To show you your way