"Whisper" lyrics - BOY GEORGE


You bet that I cannot resist it
When you move inside my life
Touching souls I feel restricted,
And I know that it's not wise
I can tells so much is changing,
But I'm blinded by desire
Won't some god come down from heaven
And set me, set me on fire
Walking alone in the whisper of nightime
Walking alone
No comfort in sight
Walking alone in the whisper of nightime
Too afraid & much too uptight
When you say that it's forever
I believe it every time
But out of reach
That ain't together
I need someone to be mine
I'm just shouting at the devil
And my kind of love is greed
But don't show too much affection,
Cause I'm willing, yeah
I'm willing to let you bleed
Don't believe that you're invincible
There'll be others just like you
You know that love won't save you
Cause those kind of feelings
You know they never do