"Mama Never Knew" lyrics - BOY GEORGE

"Mama Never Knew"

Those early days
Who said, patience never pays?
It's a man's world you're living in
But that don't mean
You have to start giving in
When he says, woman there's a place for you
That don't mean that's what you have to do
There's a gift somebody gave to you
It's called talking
And saying out loud
My mama never knew but I do, I do
My mama never knew
Oh she never knew
But I do, yes I do
Oh my mama she never knew
It was late in life
When my mama started to fight
She said man, boy what the hell are you
Gonna break up this room with a word or two
If it seems I ain't good enough for you
Then you know just what you have to do
Pack your bags honey, take you life with you
Go on walk out that door
I won't say it no more