"I Love You" lyrics - BOY GEORGE

"I Love You"

Love you, blimey some men are funny
Take a look at yourself my darling
Don't you like what you see
Dip your foot in the pool and wonder
is it colder than me
Take a look at my arms oh baby
See the wounds of my youth
There were times when I could not take it
Seek the negative truth
I Love You
Like the stars love the sky
And they're never lonely
I love you
cos you're weak, incomplete
and you're never phoney
I love you
yes I do, yes I do
But you'll never own me
I never said
I'd be good in bed
Take a look at my golden hooker
Just you swallow your pride
Take a look at me
my good looker
There's a devil inside
Never sleep with your windows open
Never tell them you cry
Never tell them that you fell lonely
Coz they'll spit in your eye
I Love You
I used to dream of a stream
But I need an ocean
I love you
Falling head over heels
With the slightest notion
I love you
You can stay for a while
But don't pledge devotion
I never said
get inside my head
I love you
I love you I hate you
don't mean to frustrate you
See the queen
And his old reminder
That you've never been cool
Turn your back coz the spite will blind you
It's incredibly cruel
Take a look at the fools around you
See the beggar inside
There were times when I got so holy
Now I wish I had died