"You Are My Heroin" lyrics - BOY GEORGE

"You Are My Heroin"

It's great to by young
Didn't anyone tell you
That life was a lousy substitute
You're not packing with angels now
In your undertakers suit
It's funky down in gutter
That's what all the bitches say
I'll just call it a celebration
If the devil walks my way
You are my heroin
Welcome into the garden Sarah
Come see how my roses die
We were looking for heaven
Couldn't bear to pass you by
There are stories of bad luck, yeah
But they come to bless us all
If it's true that you doubt it
Go ask Alice when she's ten feet tall
I was talking to sweet thing
She said hang your horses high
There are jokers & tokers
Here's some pills you ought to try
Some say it's a vacation
Some say I will never die
God won't stop at my station
Hear all the mothers cry
You are my heroin
You know that it's true
You keep saying kick it, quit it
Lord but did you every try
To turn your sick soul inside out
So that the world can watch you die
Home is where I live inside
My home is filled with pain
And it might not by such a bad idea
If I never went home again