"I Go Where I Go" lyrics - BOY GEORGE

"I Go Where I Go"

Baby I know
This ain't perfection
But you're good to me sometimes
Holding on to love for those moments
Some would say
Is a waste of my time
When I hold you up
People say I'm sad
Sad & lonely
When you put me down
People say I'm sad
But they don't know me
I go where I go
You don't need to let me know
I go where I go
You don't need to tell me so
People tell me
Boy, it's foolish
Always got so much to say
Lovers, dreamers, come between us
But we always find our way
If you break my heart
I will still be here
Like a broken fool
Told you from the start
Pain won't make us part
That's the golden rule
They donOt tell us nothing new
We're as bright as day
Live on love
That's what we do
This is what I say