"Something Strange Called Love" lyrics - BOY GEORGE

"Something Strange Called Love"

Oh you slide so good
But just take your time
Drink the blood of fools
I've got to make you mine
Speak in devils tongue
Fake the spoken word
Play with silence now
Well that's what I've heard
I've felt this love
I felt this pain
I felt this heartache too
I came so close
But no one knows
The love I felt for you
Oh you slide so good
With your bones so fair
You've got the universe
Reclining in your hair
Say my love I good
Say we're not too old
I call you jaguar
If I may be so bold
They say that we're much too young
To fall in love
Well, what do they know?
They say that our kind of love
Just ain't enough
Well what do they know?