"A Good Heart" lyrics - ELTON JOHN

"A Good Heart"

Don't shy away from coming in
Closer still my darling friend
Don't slip, don't trip on life
I'll be the moon inside your eyes

Don't be afraid of all my years
What you see or what you hear
It's all yours and yours alone
Yours for the taking, so take it home

Oh it's a good heart to be a part of
Just a soulful warm and tender love
The kind of love you never knew
Oh it's a good heart from me to you

Oh sure it's cracked a time or two
But him and me, we pulled on through
I've seen 'em come, I seen 'em go
Some went through fast, some went real slow

So take a chance and take your time
Read in my face between the lines
A love real good and I love you
My heart and me, that's what we do

[Chorus 2x]