"Free And Easy" lyrics - ELTON JOHN

"Free And Easy"

I got a strong-willed someone to love me
Here off a highway hidden away
Don't need to shout it, we're living here quietly
Away from the folks who just sleep all day
I lived a fast life taking some chances
On my high horse everyone rode
All around were too many monkeys
Asleep at the wheel and running the show

But I'm free now, free and easy
Feedom's a breeze, freedom's the tide
Rolling over and over
And I want to be where you are tonight
Where you are tonight

All of my street sense stayed in the city
I caved in and wandered into your heart
When least expected out of the heavens
The moonlight descended into the dark


'Cause you blew the dust off a watch with no hands
Set back the clock and gave me your time
I'm living better now I'm free and easy
Free of the past I've left behind

[Chorus 3x]