"The Open Chord" lyrics - ELTON JOHN

"The Open Chord"

You gotta think about it
You gotta make a wish and count to ten
It's just a sense of wonder
I see a new direction looking down the lens
Jump started this action
Heard a song in my head and wrote it down
It came out of nowhere
Felt a new sensation driving you through town

You're an open chord I want to play all day
A new broom sweeping up the scenes I no longer play
Cleaning out the corners, clipping off the horns
That the devil used to make me wear all day
You're an open chord I'm gonna play all day

You're gonna see some changes
Gotta pinch myself just to believe
Everybody's hiding something
But I can tell you've got some magic up your sleeve
Some need protection
When a feeling follows you around
I always need the silence
Of the lightning you bring crackling with new sound


I sat around and waited
For a spark and it brightened up the night
Before I get much older
I want the pleasure of seeing you up in lights
I stand beside you
Hand over my heart and say a prayer
Love's not for quitters
It's the satisfaction knowing that you're there