"I've Got 2 Wings" lyrics - ELTON JOHN

"I've Got 2 Wings"

I am the Elder Utah Smith
I've got two wings to fly
They may be made of paper
They may never reach the sky
But I believe in mercy
I believe that man is good
And if they wore two wings like me
There's a chance they could

I am the Elder Utah Smith
I was born in Cedar Grove
That's in Louisiana
On a dirt poor stretch of road
I found the calling early
Gave birth to righteous worth
And in a tent around the South
I took my Sonic Church

I was a light for the living
And I spoke of peace and love
With two wings and my old Gibson
I bought blessings from above
I was here and I was gone
Just a heartbeat from the past
But I went from paper wings
To the real thing at last

I am the Elder Utah Smith
I take all as they are
I was the first man of the cloth
To plug in a guitar
Love was my redeemer
I felt it from the start
The Holy Ghost was channeled
Through the sound of my guitar


Been a long time in the ground
Unmarked is my grave
But I reside elsewhere these days
Thanks to souls I've saved
I traveled far, I traveled wide
Three chords for the Lord
Until one day He called me home
To claim His great reward

[Chorus 2x]