"Guilty Pleasure" lyrics - ELTON JOHN

"Guilty Pleasure"

Hand it over, reach across the line
Let's talk about it, tell me one more time
What is it you want, what'll you think you'll find
Inside of this old heart of mine

Come on out if you want to play
The rain went East, thunder rolled away
Will you ever choose, are you gonna stay
For loving you that's the price I pay

Can't you tell the deal's been done
Won't you let me love you
I don't see no smoking gun
And I'm not here to judge you

What do you see when you look at me
Tailor-made to measure
Am I'm the love of your life my love
Or just some guilty pleasure

I roamed around looking for a clue
Searched the world, it's what I used to do
Where I went and what I went through
A beaten path to find my way to you

I can't whistle, never really could
Sang a song I guess you understood
It's what you do when you think you should
Surrender like you knew you always would


Hold out or still in doubt
What's it gonna be
Never a chance in a million years
Or you can't get enough of me