"In The Name Of You" lyrics - ELTON JOHN

"In The Name Of You"

Got a penny in my pocket
And a dollar in my hand
But I'd drop it in your tin cup
If you were a one man band

If I could make a million
On some TV show
Or the roulette wheel
In a great big casino

I'd go ahead and do it
But only if I knew
I could go ahead and claim it
In the name of you
Whatever words I choose
Whatever tricks I'd use
I would find a way to claim it
In the name of you

I've got my favorite hat
With that snakeskin band
And when you need a little shade
I'll put it in your hands

To the bottom of the ocean
I would surely dive
To find the oldest oyster
With the biggest pearl inside


I'd claim a country
I'd claim a tune
All the undiscovered territory
Out there beyond the moon

[Chorus 2x]