"Apostle" lyrics - IMMOLATION


From the bloodied altars
Of the wicked king
Come poison doctrines
Of Godless rage

From the fetid gutters
Of sickened minds
Come corrosive diatribes
Aimed to destroy

Lead them to madness
Let me haunt you with these words
This chorus of evil
Resounding, dark, triumphant

Worship and trust, devote yourselves to us
Murderous lust, follow through you must

In flashing scenes of horror
Come pestilential storms
Piercing placid dreams
Awoken by our thunder

Explosive bursts of death
Bring coffins to the earth
In chaotic waves of hate
The skies rain down our venom

Sacrifice, the hounds will bleed
Crippling fear, bait them with terror
Growing beneath, our roots, so far will reach
Programmed to destroy, our perfect soldier

Forever the monster
Our secrets held deep
After the purge
Their silence will keep

Lead them to sorrow
Through taunting cryptic verse
This chorus of pain
Resounding, dark, triumphant