"Noose Of Thorns" lyrics - IMMOLATION

"Noose Of Thorns"

Black rays spew down from the heavens
Burning rampant through the flaws of man
Holy servants sworn to guide us towards salvation
Now fallen angels leading us to sin, leading us to sin

This fractured sect pierces through our conscience
Deliverance promised to stop our dark descent
This crowning vision, wrapped so tight around us
Chokes us all, as the thorns dig in, as the thorns dig in

Symbolic burden of pain
We wash our hands of your stain

This crown will fall and choke us all
A noose of thorns, a noose of scorn
When judgement calls
Will you be absolved?
Will you find your way?
Or be strangled by your faith forever

Constrict and tighten around our necks
Bleeding wounds, drown from within
Poisoned souls forever damned
A noose of thorns to keep us pure