"Blooded" lyrics - IMMOLATION


Ritualistic urge
To dominate and purge
Sadistic rite of passage

Dissociate from all
Imbued with manic thoughts
Bring senseless terror so savage

Covered in their blood

Bask in primal rage
Drink deeply of their pain
Such willingness to taste
Cathartic throes of glory
The hunted will be slain
Unbridled acts of violence

Anointed in their blood

God's power you now hold as your own
Christened thief of chosen souls

Servant of death
Serving the highest
Emotionless spirit
Grants this trophy of pride

Harrowing visage, frozen in time, psychotic disdain
Creature of prey, the hunt goes on, now master of fate
Master of fate

Blood for the kill
Blood feeds desire
With rapturous fury
You take your first life