"Shed The Light" lyrics - IMMOLATION

"Shed The Light"

Monarch of useless ruin
Your fatal harvest grows nothing but human waste
With the blackest of tongues, like the power of the sun
You can give life or take it away

Conjuror of false illusion
Your tainted lies hold nothing but septic hopes
Wrapped in the trust of a shining cross
Will they ever shed this light and see
The truth

From your throne you've left us all to die

Inciting viscous whispers
Fall on willing ears
Sick obedience mastered
Strengthened by your fear

Wild and mindless furor
Your devout lash out in anger
Fierce relentless battles
Designed to make us suffer

Your promised light was the only way
But your path of myths brings darker days

Shed this light
Wake and rise
Shed this light
Wake or die

In the blinding glow of your craven prophets
They steal this precious life from within your veins
Peel away the rotten layers
And tear yourselves away from their torturous light