"Incineration Procession" lyrics - IMMOLATION

"Incineration Procession"

Towards the end we march
The flames call out to us
Unstoppable temptation
Our course forever locked

Chasing domination
Gave way to devastation
At a calming pace we've taken
All the steps to obliteration

A storm of immense cleansing flame
Incinerating all to blame
Screaming in pain as they burn
The crimes of man left in heaping piles of ash

Fire like rain will fall
Silence is given to all
Deities and demons no more
Innocence gone, shame on us all

From spark to flame to raging mass infernos
We lit the fuse and watched it grow to burn us
An ascending cloud of souls is all we've left
And with us goes a world of useless suffering

Marching on, ignore the signs
Thick ash above, blot out the sun
Marching on until extinction comes
Incineration procession