"Let The Darkness In" lyrics - IMMOLATION

"Let The Darkness In"

I've known true anguish
I've once felt light
A broken spirit, I stand alone
My fortress of one

The past has brought me back to this place
I'm drifting lifeless once again
Lost beneath a shroud of night
The sun's warm rays never in my sight
This taste of black on my tongue
Can't erase the things I've done
My fortress of guilt

I hate what I am
No pain is greater than the truth

This pounding, pounding in my head
I cannot let them in
My inner demons taunting me
I must not lead them here

Lead me out of the light
Bring me into the

Darkness creeping close to me
I feel its numbing grasp
I know its cold emphatic call
I cannot break its spell

Lead me into the dark
Bring me closer to

Malignant spirits have entered my soul
Let the darkness come inside again

Departing life
My tormented soul
Submit and die
Let the darkness in