"Immoral Stain" lyrics - IMMOLATION

"Immoral Stain"

We sleep eternal in our graves
Now all awaken to our screams
In ghostly winds our cries are heard
Our pain and suffering always known

Assimilate, exterminate
Pawns of Christ deny us life

We lie within cold folds of earth
The sky above us made of dirt
No light of day nor warmth of touch
Our severed bloodlines come to rest

Cleanse the world of our blood
Pawns of God steal our light

Invade their lives and rob their young
Wipe their minds and mother tongue

As cinders light the path ahead
Trickling down upon the dead
Flames of vengeance consume the night
Burn the devil's house for spite
Poisoned us with your disease
Raped of spirit, mind and body
Tortured, killed, to the ground we're fed
Bones to mark our hidden beds

In the darkened rays of holy light
We'll dig our graves before the dawn
Our mortal stain they will erase
Hide away in disgrace

Pawns of Christ dispatch your saints
One by one, until nothing remains