"Church Boyz" lyrics - 116

"Church Boyz"
feat. Thi'sl

[Intro: Thi'sl]
Ye it's a new day
2004 Thi'sl
Doing it like this
Them Bible-thumpers
Them dudes you can catch
Spitting the word anywhere
Skating rink, in the mall
On the block, it don't matter
Them Hebrew boys
Them new school
A chosen people
We do it with authority

[Hook: Thi'sl]
Yo let us up in here
Let us get some
Flame riding with me
J.R. on the drums
Nappy got the boards
Stefan that's my dawg
Jason, James and Azriel
We all on one accord
We come to bring the truth
I mean represent it
Psalms 1 fam
We represent it
We rep the Resurrected
Gilead's Balm
The Word and Word was
Wrote in John 1
Fam here comes the bomb
You better duck for cover
Our Lethal Weapon's sharp
So call me Danny Glover
Call it what you want
We calling to repentance
And it's in laymen's terms
So we know you get it
Fam I hope you get it
Jesus is the light
The resurrected Lamb
The Way, the Truth, the Life
And we ain't nothing but dirt
Come to put in work
Building a case for our Lord
While we build His Church

Yo who we are?
Truth told
We nothing but some
Church boyz
We roll thick
And we come to put in
Work boy
So take a look
'Cause it ain't none like you seen
We redeemed
And born-again
Fam look at the team

[Verse 2: Thi'sl]
They call us dirty south
But fam it's midwest
You still promoting sin
We like, we did that
You still chasing skins
We like, we did that
Now we bring the truth
Right where you live at
We still got fitteds on
But fam don't get it twisted
Psalms 1 fam
We represent it
I had to say it twice
So you won't forget it
J.R. nice on them tracks
But you won't admit it
Because them Jesus beats
They call us Jesus freaks
But when we die we gonna rest
And be with Jesus peeps
So why not live for Him?
Because He died for me
No longer is my Lord above
My rivalry

[Verse 3: Thi'sl]
Don't make no mistakes
The way we ride the brakes
We still take time to pump our brakes
And get in Jesus face
We can't take Jesus out
That's what it's all about
That's like trying to sell a
Full furnished empty house
They say we radical
We so dramatical
But I'm gon rep Him till I'm gone
On that sabbatical
To the pearly gates
You can keep ya papes
We sold out
And we ride for His name's sake