"Love Song" lyrics - 116

"Love Song"
feat. Estella, Lecrae & Ray

Where would I
Be if I never met Your love
Can't imagine ever getting up
Without knowing Your grace
How You placed me in Your righteousness
I can't get enough
Unconditional love is what You show me
In a world so cold and lonely
And the life that I'm living
Was given not based on me
But based on the fact You know me
(You) Interceeded on my behalf
(You) Give me everything that I have
(You) Never leave me alone my sins are atoned
'Cause you came along and took all my wrath
You been so true so faithful
For Your word I'm so grateful
Your love is true
And not what they showing on cable
And I'm
So in love with Your righteousness
I fight to just
Keep You in my sight for just
Five seconds of my life since the day I met Christ
Never knew a love quite like this
I'm writing this
With tears on my face
You was there for my grace
'Cause the Father wouldn't hear my case
I was dead in my sins but you bled for my sins
That's the best kind of love anybody can taste

Only Your love
Can save somebody like me
Only Your love
Can truly set the whole world free
And I'm so in love
With everything about You Jesus
Only Your love, Your love, Your love
Only Your love, Your love, Your love

Mm, mm, mm, mm
Love me Lord You sure do
I don lied and cheated and cheated and lied
And treated the lies as if they was true but
Metaphorically you broke my legs
Like a shepherd does his sheep when it misbehaves
Not to hurt me but to work me
Into the man that You need me to be today
And it's sweet to say
Even when I'm doing bad I'm good
Work for the Lord I'm glad I could
Tell me You would give the Son to die
For the sins of the world
My Daddy would
That's a love like no other
Not my father not my mother
Not my sister not my brother
Nope not at all
Forget material things
I got every spiritual blessing in Christ
Eternal life
Yea I got it all
Fall deeper in love with You everyday
No longer there so I know You hear me when I pray
And You show me Your wisdom in many ways
66 books to keep me amazed
Only Your heavenly love can manifest
In the death and resurrection
Your affection is sheer perfection
Divine election
You give me direction

Only Your love can save somebody just like me
Was tempted just like me
But never gave in unlike me
I'm blown away
I never understood the kinda love that
Make somebody die for our world
Who doesn't even care that You cry for the world
Who doesn't care that You gave Your life for the world
We do You dirty Lord
We unworthy Lord
Of Your goodness and Your mercy Lord
It hurts me that we would even flirt with life
That we died to in Christ
So earthly Lord
Your love You know it rains
One day we'll see it plain
That to live as Christ and to die is gain
So keep all the fortune forget the fame man
We need the love of Jesus
That name Jesus
I could say it all day
I be in a daze
Your love is amazing
Like man
Your love's true and sincere
I reverence You in fear
And as long as I'm around I'm down
To make sure that the people hear