"Trip Lee Interlude" lyrics - 116

"Trip Lee Interlude"
feat. Trip Lee

Romans 1:16 man it says
For I am not ashamed of the gospel
For it is the power of God for salvation
To everyone who believes
To the Jew first
And also to the Greek
Paul's unashamed of the gospel
Not so much as unshamed to preach it
But he's unashamed of it period, to live it
So, catch your perspective man
What does that mean for you?

[Trip Lee]
What it means to me is
You know when we really think about it
It's easy to be ashamed
But how can we possibly be ashamed
Of the very tool
That God used to ensure our salvation
The message of Jesus Christ coming to earth
And taking the penalty for our sins
So that we may live through His death and resurrection
And you know, after I started living this
I see that there's really no other choice
So now I'm thinking bout
I'm definately not ashamed
I'm proud, I'm proud to be a believer of this truth
The very tool that God used to introduce us to
The only Way, the real Truth
And the abundant, eternal Life

Man that's real encouraging
To hear you spitting it
Here you are
17 years old

[Trip Lee]
Jesus Christ
The Way, Truth and the Life
He's the real MC
I'm just the one He's using to write
Without Christ it was gruesome
I was used to the strife
Was ruthless
What I was doing
Was bound to ruin my life
Now my connection with Him's deeper
Than the music I write
I gotta talk to Him, walk with Him
Move with the Christ
Was in darkness
But now my heart's good
I moved in the light
I'm His word's way of transportation
Like a scooter, a bike
Relay His message to the youth on the mic
I sow good
So what I reap is good fruit that is ripe
I'm a living witness to the fact that obedience works
I always represent Him
Not just when I be in the church
And I ain't fronting on the mic
I really be in the word
So if somebody wanna hurt me
They gotta deal with Him first
He's on me like a shirt
And fa sho I'm His kid
Reject Christ
You dead wrong
Like Notorious B.I.G