"Stand, Walk, Dance" lyrics - 116

"Stand, Walk, Dance"

Fellowship Of The Unashamed
All my brothers and sisters
Who loving the Lord
And loving their salvation
Renew our strength
We gon take it to the streets
Anybody who want to be a part of the fellowship
You know what you can do
Guess what

You can stand, walk
Or dance with us
You can pray
Keep the doctrice
Break bread with us
You can come join the flock
You ain't strange to us
We all 116
Ain't no shame in us
And all my Plumbline folks
Gon dance with us
Lifeline gon dance with us
Denton Bible gon dance with us
Frontline gon dance with us

When the Bible's in the system
Ain't no telling will I pray or will I witness
That's what they be yelling
I'ma son by blood
And a-dop-tion
My trans-gres-sions
He e-rased them
(Who you speaking of?)
I'm speaking of Christ
Who's better?
Let me break His name down
Letter by letter
Crucified and Crushed for the Church
Consequently we Confess
We been Cured from the Curse
Horns and Hunnies ain't Hyped as Hebrew?
Humiliated for Holy things that He knew
The Righteous Redeemed can Roll with the Rock
'Cause we was Ruined Roughnecks Ready to Rock
I was once Involved with Iniquity
Imannuel Isolated the Issue almost Instantly
Sacrificed His Soul for the Saved
Suffered, Slaughtered, Stretched out and Straight Slain
Triumphed over the Tomb and the Terror
Seek first The Truth 'cause Today He's The Treasure
All that to say, we saved by grace
You can come join us, we can stand for the faith

When you walk in the church
Greet change at the door
And when the word comes
See change by the Lord
And when a soul saved
We gon dance on the floor
And the oceans gon dance
Till they dance no more
I reached to the heavens
And I asked for a dance
That's why when I worship
Saying I raise my hand
Some just chill
And some prefer to clap
Some jump around
And some just lean back
We ain't tripping
We ain't judging you
As long as you watching your doctrine
And your life you cool
I can't turn back
I know Him too well
He's picture perfect
He showed us by hanging on a nail
And all my ladies that's waiting to exhale
Put the good news on the streets like
You've got mail
And all my brothers
Who see sin and get furious
Look in our eyes
We all saved all serious
And when we slip
We gon fall on our face
Tears in our eyes
Thank God for His grace
.. you don taught us right
We can all get together
We can walk with Christ