"Streets" lyrics - 116

feat. Bj The Chicago Kid & Lecrae

Ay we bring this to the streets
'Cause they ain't seen this in the streets
But they need this in the streets
'Cause it's mean up in the streets
The redeemed of the streets
That used to cling to the streets
Till we saw our thirst wasn't quenched
By the scene of the streets

[Verse 1: Lecrae]
Ay this ain't aimed at the church but you might be encouraged
This is for the folks hurt on the block with the word
See you playing in the dirt, hoping you can get the birds
Steady sipping on your syrup, with a dutch full of purp
Let me tell ya what's gon happen dawg
This is why I'm rapping dawg
You catch time for the crime and then the trapping dawg
Oh what's worse, is it could be your hearse
Six feet up in the dirt, got your baby brother hurt
Or worse still when you die it gets real
You eternally separated from God for a trillion
Million, billion, eternity mayne
Ain't no number for it, this should be concerning ya mayne
Look, you can't sleep 'cause your sin so heavy
You sweating in your sheets 'cause your sin so heavy
Ready to die, naw dawg, you ain't ready
You don't truly know what's on the other side young..
It's sin equals death, so turn from your mess
Believe and confess, Christ is God in the flesh
He died for your debt, He did resurrect
A tool and a vest don't really save you from death

[Verse 2: BJ]
They never saw us coming, they had their heads turned
We faced the persecution, we know the led burns
We know them nails hurt, we know them..
We know our futures bright, but it ain't in the stars
We a new generation, who know the world's hurts
And though we don't rock suits, we still part of the Church
Our souls hurt too, our burdens hurt too
We want the Lord to be glorified on the earth too
We wearing dickies yeah, but we still know the Bible
We young like David was, ready to start revival
I know some kids in Dallas, still in Junior High
They ain't trying to pimp girls, push work or get high
Yea their jeans hanging low and they keep their hat cocked
But they living by the word instead of living by the block
Getting trained and discipled, they changed all their idols
From dudes in the streets to the God of the Bible

[Verse 3: Tedashii]
We the redeemed of the streets, that used to cling to the streets
Till we saw our thirst wasn't quenched by the scene of the streets
So we bring this to the street, they ain't seen us in the street
But they need this in the street, 'cause it's mean up in the street
Chasing cream up in the street, serving fiends in the street
And the screen that they see makes them fiend what they see
To be the man of the street, that's why we stand in the street
To tell the whole world about the standard of peace
The GodMan of the streets, Slain Lamb for the street
That came and died for all of the sinful people in the streets
Through Him the cycle in the street, when men rival in the street
Could be revival in the street, take the Bible to the street
'Cause His bride should be the streets, stop trying to be discreet
Why you lunching, men and women steady dying in the street
So we pray up in the street, man we stay up in the street
'Cause we find our God's heart man it pains for the street