"Stand Up" lyrics - 116

"Stand Up"
feat. Lecrae

Stand up, here we go
1 to the 1 to the 6 fa sho
Bump this in your car
But turn it up inside your stereo
Spitting for the folks that you know in every city bro
Billy Graham man, pray to God they can hear me tho
Realy tho, I just came to tell you don't be scurred
Preach the word everywhere you go and let the truth be heard
And you ain't gotta be a rapper but you gotta tell the truth
Scream it from your mama house or from your project..
Chi-town to the Lou, Memphis Ten to the..
Dallas, Houston, Indiana, Oklahoma need it too
It's the power of salvation Jesus put us out Himself
Put our sin upon His shoulders told us tell somebody else
Now we die to ourselves, stop lying to ourselves
Ain't ashamed to share the gospel, put our pride on the shelf
We don't ride for the wealth but we ride for change
In the heart and not the pocket man to die is to gain

State to state, city to city
Block to block and hood to hood
Catch us outside everywhere we go
Trying to tell these folks what's good
The good news, some call it the gospel
Some folks embrace it, others get hostile
But earth is cursed man, heaven is perfect
If we can clown for Christ man believe me it's worth it
We stand up for the power of purchase
Worthless, without our God's plan is the purpose
It's getting heavy now, I think they ready now
Stand up, man up, hands up
Get it crunk, but keep it steady now
In it to win it now, man they done did it now
Spit it for the cats..
When the goal is Christ, then live it out

What it do, let me bring up Romans 1:16
It's more than the clique I claim, it's the reason I'm redeemed
(What you mean) Ain't ashamed of the gospel of Christ
It's the power that crossed our souls out of death into light
Holla 1-1-6, 'cause we once was sick
Christ bought us even though we wasn't worth one cent
Yea the curse was sin but the earth got sent
A Redeemer Who paid for all of the earth's worse sin
Now the worse per-son can repent and be changed
That's why we never ashamed of the truth we proclaim
It's the light on the dark path, only way out of death
It's the answer to every question people got on their chest
People gotta address the crucial nature of sin
What that got to do with us man?
We tell them Christ is where they begin
That's why I'm screaming stand up
Know you got your hands up
Now it's time to represent like the Father commands us