"Hurr They Come" lyrics - 116

"Hurr They Come"
feat. Json

Soldiers for Christ
Look hurr they come
Soldiers for Christ

You catch us in them long T's
Fitted hats
It ain't suits that we wearing
Well how can we tell you Christian?
'Cause the fruit that we bearing
A seed was planted that produced salvation
We're filled with the Spirit
So we the bear the fruits of Galatians man
And when you see us we ain't unwrapping them swishers
We've been given the sack of forgiveness
We cracking them Scriputures man
So you gon notice we on post with our life
We stand on the word with boldness 'cause we soldiers for Christ
We something like them dudes from 116
We ain't ashamed, forget one mic, give me one more Script
So I can begin to take the truth to the block
Uproot the dudes that been duped
'Cause you can't lose with the Rock
We're glued to the Rock
Believe me, the truth will hold you
We're wet with the Living Water like a super soaker
Who can hold us back
It's a group of soldiers
Blowing on the Holy Ghost
So you can lose the doja

[Hook 2x]
We ain't drinking liquor
We ain't blowing trees
Our life has been surrendered
We want to know He's pleased
But you might see us with the Cross on the block
Posted, shining like diamonds
'Cause we flossing the Rock

Taking the gospel across the globe
The book of Acts is clear
Man God is all around like the atmosphere
The tactic here is for you to get a piece of this matchless
Love that covers you up like a sheet on a mattress
It's above the average, His blood is captured
Wrath intended for us, so what can match it
So why would I even grab bub and crack it
Knowing the sons will be crushed when He judges our actions
And what happens when your platinum plaque is gone
And all the money is blown like a saxophone
You know what we on, we gon spit the bars for Him
Regardless of ends, and pray your heart is hardened to sin
So, miss me with the tipsy bit
When wickedness falls down like some pixy stix
I'm spitting this, so get the drift
We're different
'Cause we've been to Romans 6:6

It's simply on the basis we wanna please Him
That's the reason we don't do the things to grieve Him man
He died for us, that's an abundance of grace
Without Him you'll go nowhere fast like you're running in place
Plus if you can't tell I've been bent on the light
Hoping the events of my life will give you a glimpse of the Christ
So we don't care what you're drinking and smoking on
My concern is what you gon do once all the smoke is gone