"Abolish The Sun" lyrics - HELSTAR

"Abolish The Sun"
(Larry Barragan / James Rivera)

Bells ring darkness
Come feel hell's caress
When the death knell tolls
Never shall you grow old

I am a scourge placed on this earth
I bring you death, I bring rebirth
I drain all life, my will be done
Immortal eclipse, I abolish the sun

Alone I'm made to wait
Though many have met their fate
None worthy of my throne
Flesh turned into bone

[Solo: Larry]

Suspended in the gallows of time
To the twilight I am confined
Captive of the one who turned me
Your soul becomes my key

[Solo: Andrew]

Crawl into your grave
Freedom for the slave
Obsidian wings scrape the sky
To kill you first must die