"Black Cathedral" lyrics - HELSTAR

"Black Cathedral"
(Andrew Atwood / Larry Barragan / James Rivera)

Would you sell your soul to me
To bask in the night's malignity?
Such a small price to pay
To shun the light of day

Drink and you will see

Cascades of bloodstained darkness
This is the blood of vampiro
Summon the dead body king
To this Godless Black Cathedral

It's power you're in quest of conquering
Yet you declined my offering
The path that you so lightly tread
It's clear that you have been misled

Tender is the dawn's last kiss
Upon the lips of the undead

Prisoner to the shadow's black abyss
Slave to your hunger for bloodshed

Awaken from your slumber
You'll dream of death no more
No pulse, blue skin, no reflection
You'll spit on the cross
No daylight to adore
Timeless, deadly infection

[Solo: Andrew]
[Solo: Larry]

Come drink to live through centuries
Endure your mortal enemies
Death shall never be found
Come rest in unblessed ground