"Blood Lust" lyrics - HELSTAR

"Blood Lust"
(Larry Barragan / James Rivera)

Vanity conspired
To stop the hands of time
From eager throats that gush out life
There flows a scarlet tide
Crimson baths anoint your skin
And smooth your wrinkled scowl
Captured in your tangled web
Vampiress on the prowl

Blood lust
Cleansed by dripping flesh
Blood lust

Quench your thirst for purity
Your cup filled to the brim
You grant yourself impunity
And remission from your sins
A stream of pale cadavers
Leaves you empty and devoid
Yet your nights are filled with laughter
In the chamber of the dead and destroyed

[Solo: Andrew]
[Solo: Larry]

From within your castle walls
The wails of savagery
The siren of dark death calls
To bring serenity

Judgment falls upon your soul
For the hunted and their pain
Your sentence now will take its toll
Hungered and insane
In solitude you're locked away
You'll drink yourself to death
You'll feed upon your open veins
Engorge until your last breath