"Off With His Head" lyrics - HELSTAR

"Off With His Head"
(Andrew Atwood)

Six feet deep, rest in peace
Another holy eulogy read at the reverend's feet
Giveth thee and taketh thee
Could this be punishment
For man's vile deeds

Blessed decree, chaste and clean
Valiantly into the crypt a human guillotine
Do your worst, quench your thirst
They'll be no one to call a hearse
Your skull I will disperse

Assemble your weapons, aim for the heart
If you fail to puncture he'll tear you apart
Not all is lost if he hasn't yet fed
All hear the choirs sing
Off with his head

Off with his head!

Fire of the damned, your soul knows where it stands
Purity you claim, just like the rest alas your spirit's stained

You're too foolish, so here is a test
Where's the spot which you'll rip through his chest
Let's see you go with a new plan instead
Going in screaming
Off with his head

Blades of steel you uncertainly wield
Lack of precision means blood will be spilled
However, your heart wasn't clean like you said
The blood in your veins is blacker than red

[Solo: Andrew/Larry/Andrew/Larry]

Awakening, smell of sin
No idea what kind of pain, the world of shit you're in
Agony, a rhapsody
Screams and cries like lullabies, choral blasphemy

[Solo: Andrew]