"To Dust You Will Become" lyrics - HELSTAR

"To Dust You Will Become"
(Larry Barragan)

Never drink from the dead
It's clear in the vision we saw
He fell upon his knees as he bled
You're guilty of breaking our law

And so our judgment comes
You'll die in fear and pain
You can't undo what's done
Your maker has been slain

In a fit of rage
You're now fully aware
You're cursed to never age
You're numb with hate and despair

At dawn you will burn
You will never return
Exposed to the sun
To dust you will become

[Solo: Larry]

You can't be forgiven
For killing your kind
Forever the villain
All mercy declined

[Solo: Andrew]

Immersed in deadly rays
You hide your face from the sky
Far from the darkness you crave
A statue of ashes you die