"Awaken Unto Darkness" lyrics - HELSTAR

"Awaken Unto Darkness"
(Andrew Atwood / Larry Barragan / Garrick Smith)

[Solo: Larry]

I followed each and every command
My armies laid waste to the land
She ends the pain she could not withstand
My beloved bares your mark of the damned

The infernal war I wage
My spoiled soul is filled with rage
God so foul and heartless
Alone I awaken unto darkness

I renounce your name and book of lies
Born to avenge from my death I shall rise
The Carnage
Veiled in black now your whole world dies
I'm Terror
Even God is afraid to open his eyes

You're to blame for all I've lost
I plunge my sword into your cross
Baptized in blood that rains on me
I am all things that should not be

For my love there's no salvation
I'll burn with her in Hell's damnation
Your rancid blood becomes all mine
To drink until the end of time

[Solo: Andrew]