"From The Pulpit To The Pit" lyrics - HELSTAR

"From The Pulpit To The Pit"
(Larry Barragan / James Rivera)

[Solo: Andrew]

Reanimated by my blood, free from his icy grave
In a trance unbreakable, I am his slave
The master resurrected, denying all sacred
He's the king of his kind, the undead

From the pulpit to the pit
I relinquish my soul
From the pulpit to the pit
He has all control

Coerced to do his deeds in the name of Hell
Lured from my oath by this dark angel
I've forgotten how to pray, now I must obey
Ruler of the soulless, the undead

I looked into his eyes
He's the father of lies
His gaze can hypnotize
My faith slowly dies

[Solo: Larry]
[Solo: Andrew]

Servant to the villain clad in black
Forced to do his bidding, I made my blood pact
Devoted to his scheme, never to be redeemed
Tyrant of the twilight, the undead