"Beer" lyrics - JUSTIN MOORE


I've drank them out of a bottle
I've drank them from a can
Drank my first one when I was sixteen
Just to prove I was a man
Yeah I still drink them now
And I'll drink them when I'm old
I've had to drink them hot but I like them better cold

Beer is great
Beer is good
It tastes just as good in the city
As it does in the woods
It can take you back to the good old days
Make you laugh, make you sing
Make all of your worries disappear

It's helped me through some hard times
It's helped me celebrate
It's emptied out my billfold
Hell it's kept me out late
I've done a lot of stupid things when I've had a few
But if I'd never had a couple that night I'd never talked to you yeah

[Chorus 2x]

I love beer
And I know you all love it too
You wouldn't be here tonight and you wouldn't be listening to this album
But I'd like to remind you to please drink responsibly
While listening to this, don't spill it on your buddy
Or your honey, or whoever, that's a party foul
Matter of fact, I'm thirsty
Give me a beer