"Dirt Road Kid" lyrics - JUSTIN MOORE

"Dirt Road Kid"

Yellow blue bird on a red clay road, kicking up a cloud of dust
Burned into my memory like an arkansas summer sun
Last day of school, kick off your shoes, going to grab up a fishing pole
Every boy and girl in this part of the county going to meet at the swimming hole

I'm a dirt road kid, and I'm proud of it
And if you ask me, that's the way everybody ought a live
I'm a country boy, born to hunt and fish
Raised way out yonder, it ain't no wonder, I'm a dirt road kid

If I show up at your party in my muddy boots, don't get bent outta shape
Drank a little too much, getting loud and rowdy, an' get up in your face
But by the end of the night you'll be a friend of mine and I'll even let you drive my truck
Show you how to pull it out with a winch when you're stuck to the axle studs


When the show is over and the lights go down
Don't look for me out on the town
There's just one place I'll be found