"One Dirt Road" lyrics - JUSTIN MOORE

"One Dirt Road"
(Justin Moore / Jamie Paulin / Jeremy Stover)

I know where I'm going
When I'm done here on this earth
God's building me a mansion
Where none of us will hurt
I'll see old St. Peter
Swing wide those pearly gates
I don't mean to sound ungrateful
But God I hope and pray

There's just one dirt road
That takes me back to a honey hole
A hundred year old white oak tree
Laying shade on me
Picking blackberries off the vine
A Bobwhite whistling out through the pines
I can't wait to walk those streets of gold
But give me just one dirt road

Hang up mama's clothesline
Between those two pine trees
Lay some round bales in a hay field
And a bridge across the creek
Let it wind past that white church
Where I gave my soul to you
And dead end at Granny's house
Amen I'm through

[Chorus 2x]