"Off The Beaten Path" lyrics - JUSTIN MOORE

"Off The Beaten Path"
(Chris Janson / Brandon Kinney / Jeremy Stover)

Here you go honey yeah here's some Patron
You better sip it slow, it's bad to the bone
Don't want you getting too far gone
And I have to tote you out of here roll you on home
Keep on shaking that money maker
They're just jealous just bunch of haters
The rest of this night's going to be what we make it
There's some wild in that smile baby what you say we take it

Off the beaten path
One foot on the dash and one on the floorboard
Off the beaten path
Country rock cranking through speakers in the four door
Silverado baby do you want to go
Out where the good love grows
Off the beaten path, yeah

I could sit right here and watch you dance all night
'Til the sun comes up 'til they turn out the lights
That drunk son of a buck's 'bout to have him a fight
If he don't watch his step he'll get a left then a right
What you mean you never sat in a jacked up truck
Well I'll be damned girl you're in luck
There's a little spot out there I'd like to show you
By the light of the radio I'd like to get to get to know you


Like a deep groove country song baby
I want to turn you on, yeah


Off the beaten path
Baby let me take ya
Baby let me take ya
Baby let me take ya
Off the beaten path