"I'd Want It To Be Yours" lyrics - JUSTIN MOORE

"I'd Want It To Be Yours"
(Brandon Kinney / Justin Moore / Jeremy Stover)

Looks like two cute little pigs in a toe sack
I'm telling you right now, baby you got back
You're shaking it low at a country show
Everybody's saying whoa whoa
Just look at that bobo
I know you know

You're a little bit of J-Lo
A little bit of Kim Kardashian
It's big, it ain't tiny, I'm digging that hiney
It's a classy one
Might be a bullshitter
But I ain't no ass kisser
'Least I've never been one before
But if there's anybody's ass I'd kiss
I'd want it to be yours, whoa, whoa, whoa

Hate to see you go but I love to watch you leave girl
Those Daisy Dukes and boots are rocking my world
Even Snoop D.O. Double G would be jealous of me in this Chevy
When you're on this bench seat
'Cause girl your booty's


Those watermelons you got shoved in your pants
Make me want to take a bite when you dirty dance
Girl your behind is