"Wheels" lyrics - JUSTIN MOORE


Tonight, should swallowed my pride
Stood in the driveway 'till I saw it her way
But tonight, she let the gravel fly
Tore out on the two lane, hope it ain't too late
Highway reflectors bouncing off the headlights
Gotta do what I gotta do to make these twenties whine

Just as fast as I can go gotta keep them turning
Got the hammer down, got the firestone's burning
Out the windshield
I'm searching for her taillights out in the distance
She's out there somewhere and time is ticking
I pray this much I ain't just spinning my

Green light would sure be nice
Still going to gun it but I won't have to run it
305 letting all eight fly
I pray a little harder every mile marker
She'll wake up beside me wearing my tank top
Got to do what I got to do to get her I won't stop

[Chorus 2x]