"For Some Ol' Redneck Reason" lyrics - JUSTIN MOORE

"For Some Ol' Redneck Reason"
(Rhett Akins / Justin Moore / Jeremy Stover)
feat. Charlie Daniels

I love tearing down some country road as the red sun's sinking down
Nothing but corn and cotton fields for miles and miles around
Down every twist and turn, there's another million dollar view
Some folks might not see it
But for some old redneck reason I do
I still wear my beat up boots and my old worn out jeans
I still say the blessing when I sit down to eat
And you can bet I mind my manners every time my mamma walks in the room
Some folks don't think that matters
But for some old redneck reason I do

Yeah, for some old redneck reason, sometimes I get the feeling
Maybe I give too much of it now
I'm a little old fashion leaning, out of style and out of season
But I reckon that's just the way I am

Sometimes I lay here thinking 'bout the good old times that we had
Wonder why it all went wrong or the night it all went bad
And I probably shouldn't call you up, thinking I can patch things up with you
Oh, but when I get to drinking Crown, for some old redneck reason I do


I was standing behind a couple teenage kids at a high school football game
They didn't take their hats off when the national anthem played
And I felt like jerkin a knot in their tail, for disrespecting the old Red, white and blue
Aw maybe I shouldn't get fighting mad
But for some old redneck reason I do