"Old Back In The New School" lyrics - JUSTIN MOORE

"Old Back In The New School"
(Austin Cunningham / Lance Miller / Brad Warren / Brett Warren)

What's wrong with saying yes sir, saying yes ma'am, a hard day's work
Showing up pretty much on time
What's wrong with waiting your turn, paying your dues, keeping your word
And looking a man right in the eye
You can wear your pants down around your knees
But that don't mean a dang to me

Just put a little old back in the new school
Get that working man back on the bar stool
Just 'cause something's hip don't make it cool
Let's put a little old back in the new school

I don't mind some attitude, a rebel heart, hell I got one too
But you still gotta walk the line
I don't care what you listen to, how you wear your hair you can paint it blue
Hey, it takes all kinds
Johnny rocked and Willie rolled, they just did it with a whole lot more soul


My grandpa just turned 83
I hope some of him rubbed off on me
He's still cooler than I'll ever be


Yeah I might be young but I ain't no fool
Come on, let's put a little old back in the new school Yeah, new school
Put some old back in it