"Button Nose" lyrics - LOUDON WAINWRIGHT III

"Button Nose"

You got those two mini blues and twenty cute fingers and toes
But what'd I mean I saw you one beautiful button nose
You're gonna lose that fine black hair, a little later on more grows
But that's not a fool who's here to stay, talk about your button nose

Some noses are famous for their size and shape and slope
Cyrano, Pinocchio, Durante and Bob Hope

Whoa, all night woes I got nothin' doin'
That's just the way it goes
You're the winner by a mile
You're the winner by a nose

You say you got your mother's mouth - that's correct, that's repose
But I can see a little a trace of me in your crazy little button nose
It's plain as the nose upon my face, that's the way genetics go
Your brothers and sisters are not that big, the funky little button nose

Oh, baby you look like old man Winston Churchill, so they have said
But baby, your proboscis is your naked every way [?]

Whoa, batten down the hatches, boy, look out, thar she blows
Gettin' revenge and that's one cute button nose
When it flares and twitches or just sits there in repose
Baby, you look good to you, your lovely little button nose

Whoa, yeah
Button nose, whoa
Yeah, your lovely little button nose

You could not call it Roman, no, aquiline it's not
But it smells and breathes, itches and sneezes, sure it's gonna run a lot

I wanna sing and celebrate in song, poetry, and prose
What's smack dab in the middle of your face that's your beautiful button nose
Your features all are perfect and they're lovely, Heaven knows
But the feature that's my favorite is your pretty little button nose
Yeah, the feature that's my favorite is your pretty little button nose