"Cheatin'" lyrics - LOUDON WAINWRIGHT III


Cheatin' on you, baby
That's not nice to do
Even though it feels real good to me
It just hurst you

If I knew how to quit it
You know baby that I would
Only problem, darlin'
Is doin' it feels so damn good

How come what I like to do
Makes you feel so damn bad?
Everything I'm into, darlin'
Seems to make you sad

Aw, of course I love you, baby
For me you're the only one
But messin' with these other women
Is surely my idea of havin' fun

Let's have a little bit of fun now, c'mon!

Yeah, I like keepin' secrets
I like sneaking' round
Gettin' into trouble
Actin' like a clown

Oh, there's so many women out there
What's a man like me supposed to do?
Feels like I been cheated
When I save all my love for you

I guess I'm like a little kid
Addicted to his kicks
I wish I was a better liar
Oh, I'd do a few more tricks

Then you wouldn't know I cheated
And you wouldn't feel so mad
Pissed off at your kid sister
She was the best I ever had